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Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey

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LeClaire, Iowa. It’s a special place. A place where life on the land is intimately married to the flow of the waters. For centuries, people here have looked to the water for a sense of calm, a spirit of enjoyment and a connection to a heritage that is uniquely their own. That marriage of land and water is now embodied in a different kind of spirit. We produce liquors hand crafted slow and pure. Born from the finest grains, harvested just up the hill from the distillery. It’s a spirit born of land and water that draws each of us curiously back to a different era. Made for you, not for for the masses. Mississippi River Distilling Company started in 2010 after two brothers decided to take a chance on a dream. What started as a crazy idea, grew into an opportunity to create something that these parts hadn’t seen since prohibition. A chance to create truly home grown, handmade spirits. If you appreciate the fine quality that only comes from the freshest ingredients... If you believe in honest hard work and the integrity of the family farm... If you know that a commitment to quality takes some extra time... If you’re looking to experience pleasure far beyond taste in the bottom of your glass... You’ve come to the right place. We’re a family owned and operated company. We believe in stewardship of our land and water. We know that the family farm is an important part of our community and our culture here. And we believe in quality above all else. We hope you’ll appreciate the hard work that each hand signed bottle represents. We hope you’ll share some with your friends, then come to LeClaire and say hello so we can show you what makes us so proud about the wonderful place we call home.

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Manufacturer Cody Road
Size 750ml
Country United States
Region Iowa
Type Whiskey
ABV 45%
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