Mette Eau de Vie de Framboise Sauvage

Mette Eau de Vie de Framboise Sauvage

Brand: Jean-Paul Mette
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Everything comes alive when you are distilling: the copper, the stills, the flames and the eau-de-vie. You have to put your heart and soul into distilling, otherwise the results are just not worth it. Jean Paul Mette This is what motivated Jean Paul Mette to distill his first Mirabelle plum eau de vie in the sixties. Since then, he has made wonderful creations which delight the nose and palate: Wild Strawberry, Mullein Flower, Orange, Arabica Coffee, Pepper, Truffle, an ‘Hors d’Age’ Wild Sloe and a 1990 ‘Selected Noble Grapes’ Marc de Gewurztraminer to name but a few. In 1985, Jean Paul Mette began passing on the art of distilling to his godson Philippe Traber -- the know-how and secrets which make every distillery unique. In 1997, when Mette fell ill, Philippe and his wife Nathalie purchased the distillery in order to carry on his work and traditions. Jean Paul Mette spirits are renowned throughout the world, thanks to the extremely wide range of eaux-de-vie produced and above all to their exceptional quality. Today they can present you with no less than 87 flavors of high quality eaux-de-vie and 21 liqueurs. The eaux-de-vie are made in copper Charente-style stills which allow double distillation. The fruit is picked when it is ripe and put into a fermentation vat. The sugar and yeast present in the fruit produce alcohol. After six weeks of fermentation, the first distillation takes place and the so-called ‘imperfect’ alcohol (imparfaits) is produced. The ‘imperfect’ alcohol is distilled a second time. The ‘tete’ (head) and ‘queue’ (tail) of the distillation are separated off to leave only the ‘coeur’ (heart) which contains 70% alcohol. The alcohol content is reduced to 45% by adding spring water. After distillation, the eau-de-view is put into stainless steel vats. The eau-de-vie matures in the vats for 6-8 years before being sold. The vats are kept outside in an open courtyard exposed to the elements. The changes in temperature improve the quality of our eaux-de-vie. The ‘Hors d’Age’ (exceptionally old) eau-de-view is kept in glass demijohns and stored in a loft. It is matured for at least 30 years, resulting in a very fruity, mellow eau-de-vie. The eaux-de-vie of J. P. Mette are featured prominently in Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe. Their quality is beyond compare and they truly “set the bar” for all other producers in this unique category.

Product Information
Region Alsace
Country France
Size 750ml
ABV 45%
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