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Santera Anejo

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Santera tequila is produced and bottled in tequila, Jalisco, the heart of Mexico’s blue weber agave growing and tequila producing region. The creation of Santera tequila begins with the perfectly matured blue weber agave. The agave plant is grown in the red volcanic soil of the dormant volcan de tequila in the northern highlands of Jalisco. The 10,000-foot volcano last erupted 22,000 years ago, forming the only environment in the world where agave grows in perfect harmony with the climate. This is the lifeblood of Santera tequila. Agave requires between six and fourteen years of growth before reaching maturity. The agave or pinas are cut when reaching 40 pounds. If the agave is cut too soon there won’t be enough sugars - too late and the stem will have used them to grow 40 feet high. The highland agave of Santera tequila is larger in size and has a sweet aroma with a fruit-forward flavor. Harvest the perfectly matured agave are harvested by hand. The agave pinas must be trimmed very close to the heart to eliminate the oily, waxy taste and texture. This allows for a cleaner fermentation and distillation process resulting in a smoother final flavor. Cooking the pinas are slowly roasted for up to 54 hours in traditional thick, stone-walled brick ovens called hornos. Each of the hornos will cook 40 tons of agave. This traditional art of slow cooking in brick ovens prevents the agave from caramelizing while softening the fibers and transforming the matter into fermentable sugars. These ovens help retain the sweet, mellow flavors of the carefully grown agave. Shredding the sugar is extracted from the cooked agave via a shredding machine known as a ’Molino’. The agave fibers pass through the milling heads and the agave is squeezed, releasing the sugar-concentrated juice. Fermentation the distillery utilizes a 21-tank system for slow fermentation with a capacity of 30,000 liters. The agave juice is inoculated with a proprietary fruit yeast, creating a ’beer’ containing an alcohol content of 5-9% alcohol by volume. Slower fermentation produces a full-bodied tequila with rich agave flavor. Single batch distillation the fermented beer distills twice through a slow distillation process for approximately 5 hours per alembic pot. The double-distillation process takes the alcohol content to approximately 55% alcohol by volume. The resulting Santera tequila is then rested until its glorious flavor profiles begin to emerge. Santera tequila is available in Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. All are 100% pure blue weber agave tequila. Santera’s master distiller, Augustin Sanchez, practices distillation methods that date back centuries and fuses them with modern techniques to achieve authenticity in every batch of Santera. Each agave pina undergoes a long, slow roasting period and extended fermentation, which gives Santera tequila its distinct character. Following distillation, Augustin painstakingly balances the aromas and taste profile and observes the maturity of each batch throughout the duration of their rest period to ensure that a tequila of the utmost quality reaches your glass.
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Manufacturer Santera
Size 750ml
Country Mexico
Type Tequila
ABV 40%
Bottle Size 750ml
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