Meyer-Fonne Gewurztraminer Reserve 2014

Meyer-Fonne Gewurztraminer Reserve 2014

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Wine Advocate 87 points - Due to ”big problems” with drosophila suzukii, the 2014 Gewurztraminer Reserve was made from a ”very low yield.” Felix Meyers says, ”The berries were small but we did not have much of them. The acidity is higher than normal and many producers picked earlier than usual in 2014, which is maybe a little bit like 2008. Also then we thought this is not a good vintage for Gewurztraminer, but after three or four years we discovered how good the vintage really was.” Felix does not aim for dry Gewurztraminer because ”the variety likes over-ripeness; the skins have to be ripe, so the skins are thin. I think I also get a more elegant terroir expression and more floral aromas with overripe berries too,” he says. The 2014 Gewurztraminer Reserve comes from younger vines (20 years) on top sites like Furstentum, Kaefferkopf and Wineck Schlossberg. Citrus colored, it is impressively clear, refined and aromatic on the nose. Super juicy, round and piquant on the palate, this is a powerful and well-structured but not that overloaded Gewurztraminer. The wine has grip and varies its orange, rose and spicy aromas from the nose to the finish. This is a digestible Gewurz from great terroirs, a very gastronomic wine with a salty aftertaste that goes well as aperitif or with cheese..Stephan Reinhardt, October/2015
Wine information
Type White Wine
Varietals Gewurztraminer
Product Information
Wine Advocate 87
Country France
Size 750ml
Rated By Wine Advocate
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