Highland Queen Scotch 12 Year

Highland Queen Scotch 12 Year

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The birth of Highland Queen was in 1893, when Roderick Macdonald decided to set up in business for the first time. He had previously served as an apprentice to other successful businesses in the Scotch Whisky Trade, and his key desire when he founded his own business was to gain a reputation as a whisky blender of the finest rank. The company was known as Macdonald & Muir Ltd. Within 10 years of starting his business, Roderick Macdonald had developed his blends to the stage where he believed he could successfully enter the production field. This resulted in the acquisition of the Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain to supply the whisky for the base of his famous Highland Queen blend. Coupled with whisky from this famous distillery were other first class Highland Malts, which he considered essential to producing an outstanding blended Scotch Whisky. Highland Queen was the flag carrier of Macdonald & Muir Ltd for most of the 20th century. The brand name derives from the association of the port of Leith and the original production site by the harbour of Macdonald & Muir in 1893, and the triumphal arrival of Mary Stuart at this spot in 1561. She was later to be crowned Queen of Scots, thus creating one of Scotland’s most famous and loved legends. Mary Stuart was crowned Queen of Scotland in 1561, and reigned until 1567 when she was forced to abdicate in favour of her son James VI, following an uprising. She escaped to England seeking support from her Father’s cousin, Elisabeth I. Elisabeth however ordered Mary to be imprisoned, fearing that Mary would be considered by many as the rightful ruler of England. After a long period of custody Mary was tried and executed in 1587, following her involvement in three conspiracies to assassinate Elisabeth and take her throne. This legend is kept alive today through Highland Queen Scotch Whisky, which represents the enduring and noble values, history and independent spirit of Scotland and its whisky, embodied in the legendary character of Mary Queen of Scots

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Type Blended Scotch
ABV 40%
Bottle Size 750ml
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