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Ultimate Beverage Challenge 87 points - Very pale hay color with yellow flecks. Wildly pungent, fruity and floral aromas jump from the glass. Refreshingly tart, flavors of orange blossom, guava and lemon have a hint of sweetness. The perfumed flavors linger long..March/2015
Picture yourself basking in the South of France, the sun above, the sea to the South and vineyards to the West; peacocks roaming with sweet aromas of paradise in the air. Enter PAVAN-a delicate and complex liqueur crafted with fine muscat grapes from the renowned AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) region of Frontignan, where vineyards are surrounded by seaside air and gentle hills. As the final step, a touch of orange blossom is added and now PAVAN is flawless. Perfect on ice, or mixed with vodka, gin, tequila, champagne, or with sparkling water and fresh fruits in a simple sangria cocktail, Pavan celebrates the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean.
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Manufacturer Pavan
Size 750ml
Country France
ABV 18%
Ultimate Beverage Challenge 87
Rated By Ultimate Beverage Challenge
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