Dom Perignon Vintage 1.5L

Dom Perignon Vintage 1.5L

Brand: Dom Perignon
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The icon of the house, it showcases perfect equilibrium, revealing the harmony that is so characteristic of Dom Perignon. The wine is complete, rhythmic and tactile. Dom Perignon Vintage 2009 is exotic: its tactile thickness, its roundness, and its utterly unique depth of flavour. On the Nose: Notes of guava and spicy green grapefruit zest combine with stone fruit: white peach and nectarine. The wine opens up, with the whole complemented by woody vanilla and warm, lightly toasted brioche. On the Palate The fruit is majestic: ripe, fleshy and profound. Beyond the richness and a certain voluptuousness is a strong impression of consistency that prevails. The wine’s power is remarkably restrained. The various sensations - silky, salty, sappy, bitter and briny - converge and persist.

Wine information
Type Vintage
Designation Gift Box
Product Information
Country France
Bottle Size 1.5L
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