DeLeon Anejo Tequila

DeLeon Anejo Tequila

Brand: DeLeon
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The finest highland tequila is aged over a year in a combination of bold American Oak and delicate French Oak wine casks creating a balanced profile with vanilla, dried fruit, and a hint of spice on the finish. The tequila is aged first in American oak allowing the liquid to mellow and soften over time, picking up caramel, creamy notes. It is then finished in fine, French sauternes casks for an exceptionally rich, lightly spiced, and elegant profile.

Color: Dark amber. Aroma: Elegant notes of light spice and honey. Taste: Rich caramelized agave balanced with resinous oak highlighted with rich caramel and complex notes of dried tobacco and tea. Finish: Whisper of leather and brown spice.

Product Information
Country Mexico
Type Tequila
Size 750ml
ABV 40%
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