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Ciroc Amaretto Vodka

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CÎROC® Amaretto is the fourth flavor-infused varietal from the makers of CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka. CÎROC Amaretto offers a rich cherry-almond flavor with a touch of vanilla and a silky smooth finish. The spirit has been masterfully blended with Amaretto flavor and other natural ingredients to create an exceptionally rich taste experience. The unique mixability of CÎROC Amaretto allows for a broad range of cocktail creativity, whether mixed with cola, pineapple juice or in a classic sour.

•NOSE: Sweet cherry and marzipan
•TASTE: Rich almond balanced with lightly sweetened cherries
•FINISH: Indulgent, creamy almond

More Information
Manufacturer Ciroc
Country France
Type Vodka
ABV 35%
Bottle Size 750ml
Special Type Flavored
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