From Hennessy Paradis to Remy Martin 1738 our custom engraved Cognac bottles are the perfect gift for the sophisticated drinker in your life.


Poured neat or in a cocktail, a personal touch on a bottle of Cognac is sure to be a welcome gift for any occasions.

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  • Hennessy Black Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Hennessy Black is the highly versatile, decidedly different new cognac from the world's leading cognac house. Distinctively smooth with a fresher, lighter flavor, it allows more ways to enjoy Hennessy and tastes great on its own or mixed. Hennessy Black provides an intriguing new choice for high-ene..

  • Hennessy Cognac Richard  (Engraved Bottle)
    Named in honor of our founder, who created the House of Hennessy in 1765, Richard Hennessy is a rare Cognac aged up to 200 years creating a masterpiece of complexity and subtlety. In 1765, Richard Hennessy laid the foundations of a priceless collection made up of his most exceptional eaux de vi..

  • Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Paradis Imperial’s subtle elegance can be seen in its light amber color and soft celadon reflections. The incomparable brightness and light hue of Paradis Imperial are due to its remarkable composition. Only the most exceptional eaux-de-vie with the finest texture have been selected; many years of a..

  • Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Originally created for royalty, Hennessy Privilege is aged up to 15 years to create a velvety, complex blend of delicate spice and honeyed fruit flavors. A delicate blend of wood notes and spices, punctuated by the scent of cloves and cinnamon. Discreet, subtle and harmonious, it is characteriz..

  • Hennessy XO Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    The Original X.O Cognac, exclusively created for the Hennessy Family is aged up to 30 years creating a rich, refined yet powerful taste experience. Originally created in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy using very old eaux de vie, X.O was reserved exclusively for his family and friends. X.O has always em..

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  • Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Since its creation by Edouard Martell in 1912, Cordon Bleu has become a genuine legend. Its taste, marked predominantly by 'eaux-de-vie' from the Borderies area, and its authentic bottle, unchanged since the beginning, make it a classic among great cognacs. A cognac with a unique character combining..

  • Martell XO Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Martell XO Supreme (Extra Old) is a remarkable combination of the main four cognac growth areas. Its powerful taste is distinctive, with a long lingering after-taste. It's a cognac with a rich character, perfect for special occasions. Ultimate Beverage Challenge 96 points - Ultimate Spirits Cha..

  • Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac  (Engraved Bottle)
    Ultimate Beverage Challenge 94 points - Rich and spicy aromas of dried figs, cinnamon, and spice cake. The flavor is dry and spiced with a grainy texture and lots of woodsy flavor. Herbs and dried fruit flavors emerge toward the end and deep spice resonates throughout.   ..

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  • Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    The taste of excellence. Enjoy the true pleasure of its supreme richness. A myriad of floral, fruity and spicy aromas. Velvet texture, opulent density, giving a superior mellow sensation. Ultimate Beverage Challenge 92 points - Allspice, cedar, raisins, and black peppercorn dominate the nose. T..

  • d'Usse Cognac VSOP (Engraved Bottle)
    Naturally aged at least four and a half years in the cellars of France’s Chateau de Cognac, D�USSə emerges as a bold, full-bodied blend that arouses the palate. On the nose, it reveals a powerful bouquet, rich in woody notes that are layered with touches of cinnamon and floral notes. Distinctively a..

  • Hine Rare VSOP Cognac (Engraved Bottle)
    Sensory journey: notes of jasmine, acacia, vanilla, oak and fruit. Delicate, well-balanced, mellow and smooth on the palate. Blend: a Fine Champagne blend of over 25 cognacs. More than 50% are from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne and the remaining from the Petite Champagne, the 2 finest cognac ..