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Barenjager Honey

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 87 points - Earthy blossom and wildflower honey are the stars of the nose. The palate is all about honey, with a tinge of orange peel, vanilla, and sea salt with a touch of damp earth. Luscious, sweet, honeyed, and long, this is truly a decadent spirit. .March/2017
Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93 points - When poured, the liqueur’s unctuous nature becomes quite clear and the viscous weight resembles a light oil. Pure, baked honey aromas fill the mouth, but the flavors are natural and not cloying with no sense of artificial sugar..April/2016
Handcrafted in Germany, Barenjager is a uniquely delicious honey liqueur made from neutral grain alcohol and generous amounts of premium natural honey. Each liter bottle contains 300 grams of pure honey and other natural ingredients, resulting in a subtly sweet, spicy and herb edged taste profile. Barenjager is produced by one of Germany’s oldest family owned companies, Schwarze & Schlichte, with over 350 years of distilling knowledge and tradition. The unique taste of Barenjager makes it highly versatile. It can be enjoyed straight, mixed in hot or cold cocktails such as a Margarita or Hot Toddy, or as a substitute for honey or sweeteners in culinary recipes.
Please Drink Responsibly
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Manufacturer Barenjager
Size 750ml
Country Germany
Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93
Rated By Ultimate Beverage Challenge
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