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Altaneve Prosecco

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Altaneve is the faithful embodiment of this ancient wine, created with generations of experience, and from a terroir exclusive to the steep foothills of the Dolomites. Translated in Italian as “high snow,” Altaneve alludes to the Dolomite Mountains’ temperate microclimate that lends a special character to the grapes that make the wine unique. With the current sparkling wine renaissance, this legendary Prosecco brand has emerged as a modern classic for those with discriminating taste. Altaneve heralds the centuries of heritage with its timeless and elegant spirit.

Altaneve originates from Valdobbiadene, the Italian town reputed for producing the highest quality of sparkling wine. Located in the foothills of the Dolomites, Valdobbiadene’s steep terrain has produced glera grapes for millennia. The terroir and the oenology differentiate Altaneve from other Proseccos. Altaneve is a Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. that is composed of 100% glera grapes that are grown exclusively on the steep hillsides of Valdobbiadene. Each hill’s orientation to the sun determines when specific sections of vineyard are harvested to capture the grapes at their peak ripeness. Due to the steep terrain, the grape clusters are hand-picked and hand-selected, one-by-one. This harvesting method results in the freshest grapes that require the least amount of preservatives (sulfites) during the winemaking process. The result is a wine with a unique, floral aroma and an elegant delicateness. Renowned Prosecco oenologists monitor the entire Altaneve wine making process to guarantee consistent taste and composition. The wine’s bouquet and persistent perlage are developed by an extended secondary fermentation, rarely employed by wine producers.

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Manufacturer Altaneve
Country Italy
Type Sparkling Wine
Bottle Size 750ml
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