A.D. Laws Whiskey Straight Malt Hordeum

A.D. Laws Whiskey Straight Malt Hordeum

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A great whiskey, like a great story is meant to be shared. At Laws Whiskey House our whiskey is our story. But exactly what is a whiskey house? To us it’s a place dedicated to whiskey, a temple of sorts, a place to come and explore your passion for whiskey. Make no mistake about it, Laws Whiskey House is a distillery, but more than that it is where we can educate and share everything we know and love about whiskey. Our commitment to education is such a core part of our vision that the simple term “distillery” did not do it justice.

Please Drink Responsibly

Product Information
Region Colorado
Country United States
Type Whiskey
ABV 47%
Bottle Size 750ml
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