Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition Whiskey

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition Whiskey

Brand: Jameson
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Whisky Advocate 90 points - Hoppy notes cloaking the crisp grains, green apple, and pomelo make for a happier marriage than its stout sibling. This is one of those whiskeys that continuously evolves in the mouth, progressing from a sweet, syrupy beginning of coconut macaroons, apple, and spices, to a creamier plateau of citrus, stewed fruits, and chocolate. It departs leaving the tongue weighted down with peppery spice and cooked apple. Unexpectedly delicious. Value pick Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick (Spring 2018).April/2018

Product Information
Country Ireland
Type Whiskey
Size 750ml
ABV 40%
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